A Letter to My Sister: Gratitude for Girl Talk with Chronic Illness

Dear Stacey (AKA My Everyday Positive),

While you and I are never shy about our feelings for each other, I want to make 100 percent sure you understand your impact on the success of my rheumatoid arthritis (RA) journey. Your daily dose of positivity brings healing to me in ways no medication can ever compete with. You are a gift like no other.
In 2004, when my RA diagnosis came, I spent a lot of time standing in the shower hyperventilating. My fears were huge. Boosting the panic was a rheumatologist who wasn’t a good match for my needs and I often fought back. I constantly read about alternative cures to heal/cure my RA and you always listened with interest. You didn’t tell me my ideas were wacky. In fact, you asked questions that made me think and dig deeper. You did some of your own research and even tried some of the ideas I shared with you. By supporting me, you gave me the time and confidence to figure out a plan that felt authentic to who I am as an individual in the world of RA.
To read the rest of my letter to Stacey, please visit here. Also, I’d be honored if you checked out my other contributions at HealthCentral

One thought on “A Letter to My Sister: Gratitude for Girl Talk with Chronic Illness

  1. Hey there are a couple of cute babes. OK Sheryl says I cannot anyone else a cute babe, so lets say distinguished beautiful women.

    I wish I had sibling in general but a sister in particular. You are both very fortunate. Many good wishes.


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