Early Morning Walks

Mondays and Wednesdays are a little crazy for me.  I am up by 5am to work out with my husband, out the door to walk with Izzy by 6am, on my way to teach a four hour class by 8am, home again by 1:15pm generally to run a few errands with the kids and make dinner before heading out to teach a five hour evening class.  I get home around 10:30pm.  It is a long day.

With so much going on Mondays and Wednesdays my daily walk with Izzy means I need to be out the door before the sun comes up.  Now that the temperatures are dropping, I am always reluctant to make this walk.  The thought of starting out my day walking in the cold on a dark morning doesn’t seem too appealing.  Yet, I do it.

The amazing thing is every Monday and Wednesday, I love this walk once I get outside the door.  At first it takes me a little time to adjust my eyes to the dark.  Our neighborhood does not have street lights so I depend on the light from neighbors who still have working yard lamps or who leave their porch lights on all night.  A big portion of my walk with Izzy is through the commons area where there is no light and here I rely on the light of the moon and my ability to read Izzy.  On these dark mornings I must pay attention to her movements because I know she is more aware of what is ahead of us than me.

As we continue our walk my eyes adjust to the dark and I become more aware of my surroundings.  I pay attention to things I normally don’t notice on walks during daylight.  I find myself feeling a little nervous on my walk because we don’t know what might be ahead, yet excited by that very thought.  
As we continue on our walk, we see the beginnings of light shining through the trees. 

We come home from our walk and I feel happy that I had this time in nature while everything was still and quiet.  It is a nice way to start a crazy day full of activity.  I am always so thankful for my beautiful border collie and her need to get outside of the house often and explore the neighborhood.  Without her, I would be missing much from this wonderful world. 

While I hurry off to work, my sweet Izzy jumps back into bed and gets to go back to sleep.  Lucky girl!

*I save my pictures one direction and they show up on here another direction.  Please just turn your laptop sideways to view pictures. 

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