"Good-bye" Worries of Rheumatoid Arthritis: Welcome Summer!

Summer, it is almost here. There are so many things I love about summer. I love lying in the sun for hours. I love the carefree feeling of wearing shorts, sundresses, and sandals and finally packing away the layers of clothes I have worn for too many months. I love the “vacation” attitude people seem to adopt during the summer months. Everything just feels easier and freer.

Unfortunately, summer also brings a feeling of trepidation. In the past, warm weather has meant my once swollen knee would be exposed. It meant getting into the pool with my kids would be a struggle as my joints found each step into the pool to be painful or just not a possibility. In the past it meant once my feet hit the cool water, they would tense up. Summer in the past also was a reminder of the things I wasn’t able to easily do any more such as long bike rides with my family, hikes, plopping down in the sand, exploring, and much more. To read more, visit my contributing post at MyRACentral.  

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