Maya, this post is for you. Thank you so much for rejoicing in my recent “bragging” and even asking for more. You are a beautiful friend.

The other day I jokingly said to the kids, “I feel like I am on drugs with all the energy I have.” Alexander said, “Mom, you ARE on drugs.” Oh yeah.

Life continues to be moving quickly for me. I have had some pain and stiffness in my toes and fingers the last few days, but they are minor to where I have been so I hate to even mention it when so many good things continue to be happening for me. But, these little pains remind me that even though I am basically feeling pre-RA, that it will always be a part of who I am and that someday soon it may come back to show its true strength.

But enough of that. This post is about bragging. This week I added an arm workout to my Pilate’s DVD. Although I still can’t do everything in the workout, I was able to accomplish more on Wednesday than Monday and more on Friday than Wednesday. When I work out I can tell that there is still a lot of inflammation in my wrists, ankles and knees. But, I am constantly doing more in my workouts and best of all I feel muscles returning!!!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I took on another part-time job. In addition to teaching adult ESL twelve hours a week, I will now be tutoring reading to middle school/high school students. I am working for a non-profit company and have spent several hours the last few Fridays in training. Luckily we have been able to do almost all of the training through SKYPE. Today I had my first client. I really like her and felt that we connected. Last year at this time I could barely make it back to my car after work I was in so much pain so it is exciting to be adding on work that I truly enjoy.

On Thursday, in addition to a full day of teaching (four hours in the morning and two hours at night) I fit in school work with Alexander, a trip to the library with Sophia and made muffins with the kids when I got home in the evening. Plus I made dinner! I was definitely tired at the end of the day, but I think anyone would be.

Sometimes during the day I feel like I am the Energizer Bunny and will never stop going. I have so much to accomplish and the energy to do it. However, I have to remind myself of how important it still is to stop and enjoy the simple things that surround me. (This is one of the important lessons I learned from having rheumatoid arthritis.) So, along with all bragging I have been doing the last few weeks, I want to stop and share some of the simple things that were part of my life this week.

• This week, it was a flower that slowed me down. Earlier in the summer Sophia planted several sunflower seeds in our front yard. Only one grew, but it faces right into our living room window and looks right at me while at I am at the computer. It is absolutely perfect! It reminds me of Kansas and my family, it reminds me to smile and look for beauty all around me, and it reminds me of the beauty that is in Sophia. Sometimes I look at that single sunflower standing out there all alone and realize how much it is like Sophia. Sophia is carving out a world that is her very own while always finding the positive in life. What a special little girl I have.
• Also this week, I took time to sit and talk with Sophia about a book she is currently reading that I read it when I was her age. I am going to reread it tonight.
• I love when Alexander shares what happened in his recent game of XBOX and when he tells me how excited he is about the midnight release of Halo REACH this Monday night. Steve will be going with him to the release and then will come back to play the game into the wee hours of the night. I couldn’t ask for a better father for my kids.
• And best of all, I stopped to enjoy the hugs that my kids still continue to want and give throughout the day. Whoever said teenagers are difficult never met my two.

What “bragging” do you have for the week? Any simple things you stopped to enjoy?

3 thoughts on “Energized

  1. YOU are the special friend, Cathy. I feel your energy in every word and every thought that you share. You deserve to feel that way.

    I thought of you today at the infusion and, somehow, instead of medicine, it felt like possibilities running into my arm. I will e-mail soon, but thank you so much for this post 🙂 Keep the bragging coming please xoxo


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