New Health Journey

I shared with you earlier in a post that I have had some swelling in my knee. The last week it has become very uncomfortable. In a moment of weakness on Monday, I made a mad dash around the house opening boxes and cabinets trying to find a bottle of prednisone. I haven’t been on predisone for two years or so and I threw my last bottle away a long time ago. I remember doing it, but thought, “maybe I hid it from myself.” (Do I sound like a drug addict?) I threw it away because it isn’t something I want to be on again. When I threw it away, I knew I might have a moment like this and didn’t trust myself with it. I guess I was thinking, “Well, I could take just a weeks worth to get rid of the swelling and then wean back off.” After lots of tears that it wasn’t there and feeling defeated, I calmed down and thought through my health goals. I am glad I threw the bottle away. In one day I was put on predisone at the rheumatologists office and it took about a year of slowly weaning before I could get off it. I don’t want to go through that again. Instead, I went to the health food store and bought a bottle of curcumin and a bottle of bromelain and contacted my naturopath. She gave me a couple of homeopathy remedies to try which I started yesterday.

Please don’t get me wrong, I think medications have a place and can be helpful and for many with rheumatoid arthritis, this is the answer. However, RA drugs are not in the health journey I see for myself which is why I have worked so hard to get off medications. I genuinely trust that my body is working something out and if I cover it up with drugs, I will never allow it the chance to finish working on what it needs. Does that make sense? Besides, even on the drugs, I had flare-ups like this.

So, this morning I am seeing a new health practitioner that has been highly recommended by a friend. This friend has been by my side since about the time I was diagnosed and has endured all of the ups and downs of this disease. I feel this is a good path I am getting ready to take and feel excited. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “New Health Journey

  1. Great job Cathy! I know the feeling, running around looking for pain pills & no, I am not an addict either! You have been an inspiration to me & I am glad you shared this part of the journey!


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