Warriors in Our Own Health

This weekend I read Jenny McCarthy’s book Mother Warriors. In this easy to read book she shares the stories of mothers who are warriors for their autistic children. She explains how doctors told her and other parents that there was nothing they could do for autism. However, they refused to give up hope. They became the researchers, the scientists, the nutritionists, and more for their children. They refused to stop fighting until change occured.

I feel like all of us with a serious illness can learn from this book. We have to learn to rely on ourselves as the primary person in our healing process. We have to learn to ask questions about methods that don’t seem to be working. These parents chose to go beyond what their trusted physicians told them and found that diet, supplements and other alternative treatments could make huge differences. We are each unique individuals and because of that, we each have our own reasons for experiencing an illness. It does take time to find what works best for our bodies, but our bodies are amazing things. They want to be well. We have to keep researching and listening to our body until we can find what will heal us. This book describes how there is always hope.

Even though the book wasn’t about rheumatoid arthritis, I felt it was speaking to me. I have learned that there is always hope when I set my mind on healing. If you have a chance, I highly recommend Jenny McCarthy’s book. I would love to hear your thoughts on her book.

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