Good-bye Sweet Izzy!

Izzy became our family 14 years ago. Little did I know that she would be one of my best RA treatments. She laid on my knees when swollen to care for me, pushed me to move each day, walked me through fears of RA, my dad’s death, my children’s childhood/teens, and much more. Somehow, she always knew when I hadn’t yet worked things out in my heart and mind and pushed me to walk further.

For 14 years she has been integrated into my life from the time I woke up until we both were sound asleep. I loved hearing her breath at night and for years, when she needed me at night, she came to the side of my bed and quietly “talked” to me. She always sensed that others were sleeping.

She has taught me life lessons that I needed to know. She has made me a better human and will be missed dearly.

Thank you to each one of you who, since I started writing in 2008, has taken her into your heart. #myforevertoddler

6 thoughts on “Good-bye Sweet Izzy!

  1. Rick Phillips

    Even as Izzy has been yours, she has become part of our community. Good bye sweet Izzy. I and many more miss you.


    1. Rick, as always, thank you for being my friend. You have helped me through some challenging moments in life and I appreciate you. Also, thank you for missing my sweet girl.


  2. Ever since we first met and became friends, Izzy has been a part of it all, as well. She was your companion on the journey to find the wisdom that you have shared with our community. Her memory will live in my heart. Sending love to you and the family.


  3. stevedado

    Welcome Cathy. My name is Steve and I am one of the origional ambassadors for Vectra. Welcome aboard. These are the best RA ambassadors around. I see you lost I think you dog Izzy. Very sorry to hear that. I have had cats since 1997. My RA was awful in 2004 and I had that kind of fur baby love when I have pain or flare ups. They would lay in my lap and do this kitty walk like to say we love you and will make you feel better. My three are now at which is a wonderful pet memorial that you can join and keep the memories alive. Create your own custom memorial with flowers and toys and music. Write to your pet often in a online journal. Support rooms. It is a place to post pictures and read other pet memorials people post. You can check that web site out and see how people connect with love and support. Anyway I got off track. I still have three cats 8, 5, and almost one year old who continue the unconditional love. My other furbabies were 15, 15, and 16 when they left for Rainbowbridge. We have the best RA ambassadors for Vectra and Laura is our moderator. We post things and create blogs about what we are going through or just about anything with auto immune disease. Again welcome.


    1. Hi Steve! Thank you so much for the warm welcome to the Vectra Ambassadors group. I am really excited to meet everyone. 
      Also, thanks for sharing your pets with me. They hold such a big place in our hearts, don’t they? Empty nesting has hit all at once – my daughter moved to the city in February, we said “good-bye” to Izzy three weeks ago, and my son is moving out this summer. A lot is going on here! But, much of it is exciting and I am grateful for that. 
      See you soon! 


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