Self-care Bingo: Challenge Accepted!

Self care bingo

When CreakyJoints shared this bingo card, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with this current COVID19 crisis and in pain from a current flare. As I completed the card, my spirits lifted. I was taking better care of myself than I thought! Yay me!

Then I posted it on Facebook and Joe Coe of CreakyJoints commented, “You need the four corners to win. 🙃” Darn. I was so close. 

SPENT TIME IN NATURE was my one missing corner. I accepted the challenge because of all the ways I practice self-care, time in nature is one of my favorite. Plus, I was curious to find out the prize for achieving four corners!

While I accepted the challenge, I wasn’t sure how I was going to achieve it. The day was snowy and cold. My knee was in pain and I hadn’t been on a walk in a week. But as I worked through the day, I kept it in the back of my mind. Then, it came to me this morning. Working from home, I am always in nature. My backyard is full of trees. During the day we observe various birds as they land on our bird feeder. We keep an eye open for a squirrel that keeps returning to gnaw on one of Izzy’s bones. Chipmunks chirp on our deck. Ducks walk through our neighborhood.

Plus, there are walks. This morning, my knee was ready to move! I took my cane and headed out with Izzy. As I walked, the sun shined on my face bringing tears from missed days outside. Even in my own neighborhood, this daily ritual connects me back to nature – the sound of birds singing, watching squirrels chase each other up trees, taking in the changes of the trees, and feeling the wind on my face. Enjoying nature is so much of who I am, I don’t even think about it. It’s like food to me.

Thank you Joe! Thank you for challenging me to reflect on this last square. And since the day is warmer today, I plan to sit on my deck and lose myself in the numerous trees we have in our backyard waiting for my CreakyJoints prize to arrive.

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