Parenting with a Chronic Illness

I am curious, as a parent with a chronic illness, which phase of parenting was the most difficult for you and why?

  • Infancy?
  • Toddlers?
  • Childhood?
  • Teens?
  • Young Adults?
  • Being an empty-nester?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments. I appreciate your feedback.

Chronic illness parenting

3 thoughts on “Parenting with a Chronic Illness

  1. Marla Nolan

    It was all difficult! But definitely having to haul baby, diapers, and food in was almost impossible. Luckily now, moms have Amazon and fresh grocery deliveries.


  2. Rick Phillips

    the best were when the boys were 6 to 12. the worst, 13 – college. I wish that if I could dial the clock back and stay in that place for ever it woudl be when they were 6 – 12.


  3. Holly Dickson-Ramos

    Those early years, just after diagnosis, when I was adjusting to a loss in my abilities and struggling with guilt over the shift in how I had to parent.


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