Apps to Track RA

What apps do you use to track your RA symptoms? What do you like about the app?

I am writing an article for HealthCentral and would love your feedback.

HC apps to track your RA symptoms_

3 thoughts on “Apps to Track RA

  1. Marla Nolan

    I’ve tried a few apps but honestly, noting fatigue, exercise or lack there of, pain, and swollen joints in a day planner works best for me. Visually I am able to see what is going on better and can then describe my months between doc visits more accurately to the Rheumatologist. Also I note whether I ate trigger foods like sugar or had some stress. I use a fatigue scale I found on the Internet to get a weekly number. None of the apps gave me as good of a summary.


  2. Rick Phillips

    Arthritis Power – Creaky Joints


    the Arthritis Foundation has a brand new one they are doing beta testing on. I suggest looking at those two. The Foundation’s beta trial (not yet operational) is very cool.


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