FB Live: What I Wish I Knew About RA

Rereading past blog posts made me a bit reflective this morning. As I read, I wanted to share the message in this post with everyone having a rough day today.  As I went live on Facebook, I realized I felt a little more emotional than I imagined I would be so be prepared with authentic tears and emotions that come from the heart.

What I Wish I Had Known About Rheumatoid Arthritis 

2 thoughts on “FB Live: What I Wish I Knew About RA

  1. Cathy

    Thank you Cathy for so selflessly sharing your journey with RA and, in turn, helping so many others. Your message here really comes at a pivotal time for me as I am embarking on my first trial with a biologic. Specifically Zeljanz. I am cautiously optimistic but am nervous too. I experienced methotrexate Pneumonitis from methotrexate and that has left me rather fearful of any new medications. Biologics are particularly scary to me due to there many risks, particularly infections. My RA is fairly well controlled right now but I still feel that my quality of life could be better. I wonder if my expectations are too high and perhaps a biologic won’t give me what I’m hoping for (i.e be able to go for a walk longer than 20 minutes without feeling like I just ran a marathon, lol). I will begin Zeljanz on July 21st. Ultimately,only time and experience will tell I guess! Thanks again Cathy! Sure wish we didn’t live in different countries, I think we would get along fabulously😊


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