Happy 50th Birthday to Me…Almost!

In October, I turn half a century old! Despite society frowning on aging, I am EXCITED. Why?

  • I am proud of my life and all that it includes – my family, friends, home, job…everything!
  • Without time, I would never have had the opportunity to grow my relationship with my husband of 29 years who still makes my heart patter.
  • 50 years has given me a chance to experience love as a mother and to watch my children grow into the two most amazing people ever.
  • The older I get, the more I realize we are always growing and always changing. I love that.  
  • Although I never felt I was going to die from rheumatoid arthritis, I had mornings were I wondered if I would ever be able to move again and to live in a time of fabulous medications is a good time to be alive. 
  • I have 50 YEARS of MEMORIES that make me smile. 

I am not officially 50 until October, but for this special birthday, I get to celebrate twice. Last week, my extended family traveled here to help me celebrate. We kept busy with outings but also took time to sit back, drink wine, and enjoy each other.

My sister and bestie – she made this a very special weekend.

My Chicago Scavenger Hunt team. 

The gang – two brothers and their wives, a sister and her husband, two nephews
and two nieces, my two kiddos, my husband, my border collie, and me.  

3 thoughts on “Happy 50th Birthday to Me…Almost!

  1. carlascorner

    Happy (almost) 50th! It's obvious that all the love you show the rest of us has been returned in the marvelous celebration your family created. I suggest that you just celebrate for the rest of the year. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful memories.


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