Self-Care with a Chronic Illness: Spread Good Vibes

It’s Arthritis Awareness Month! This month I am challenging you to take a little time each day and practice better self-care. Each day in May, I plan to share one simple way you can show yourself some love and appreciation.

My fourth Life is Good t-shirt!

Spread Good Vibes. It seems that so many of my self-care reminders/tips go back to being kind to others. In The Book of Joy, Archbishop Tutu says, “Generosity is so deeply rooted in us.”  

In the book, three types of generosity are described:

  • material giving
  • giving freedom from fear (protections, counseling, and solace)
  • spiritual giving (sharing your wisdom, teaching others, and helping others to be self-sufficient and happier)
As you go out into the world today, spread good vibes. Be generous as you tip for your morning coffee, listen to a friend in need or read a news story with a fresh perspective, and most importantly share your attention, your friendly words, and your smiles. The winds may just blow those kind deeds back at you. 

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