Self-Care with a Chronic Illness: Reduce Your "To Do" List

It’s Arthritis Awareness Month! This month I am challenging you to take a little time each day and practice better self-care. Each day in May, I plan to share one simple way you can show yourself some love and appreciation.

Reduce Your “To Do” List.  There is a great thrill that comes from checking things off a “to do” list. There is a sense of accomplishment that feels wonderful. However, today, keep your list to only three events. 

We are often overbooked and overworked. Limiting your list gives you the opportunity to evaluate what you really need to do. Can someone else make dinner or pick up groceries? Does laundry really need to be done today? Choose the things that matter today and leave the others for another day or for someone else. 

I find that when I limit my list to three things, I end up spending more time listening to my family rather than rushing them along so I can check off my next job. I find myself sitting outside with a cup of tea or taking an extra walk. I laugh more. Leave room in your day for the unexpected. 

One thought on “Self-Care with a Chronic Illness: Reduce Your "To Do" List

  1. Sheryl says she would be excited if I can get my weekly list up to three things. At my house it is more a matter of who makes the list than what goes on it.


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