Self-Care with a Chronic Illness: Get Outside

It’s Arthritis Awareness Month! This month I am challenging you to take a little time each day and practice better self-care. Each day in May, I plan to share one simple way you can show yourself some love and appreciation.
Get Outside.

As humans, we are meant to spend large amounts of time outside listening to birds, watching animals interact, and taking in the beauty of the plants around us. It seems to bring immediate calm. In fact, Lucy McRobert of the Wildlife Trusts was featured in BBC’s “How Nature is Good for Our Health and Happiness”  says “Nature isn’t a miracle cure for disease but by interacting with it, spending time in it, experiencing it, and appreciating it we can reap the benefits of feeling happier and healthier as a result.” I believe it! 

Remember, nature isn’t far from you. It can be found in your backyard, at a local park, a nearby forest preserve, or even walking around a nursery viewing all the beautiful plants.  

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