My Foundation was Rocked

Throughout this election, I have tried to make sense out of why family and friends would choose to support a man that promotes hate. I was raised Catholic, my parents volunteer bussed me to a black neighborhood school from K-6th grade where I had the most amazing teachers and friends, and all throughout my childhood refugees were brought into my home. I was taught to love everyone, no matter how different they may be from me.  As it became clear to me that many friends and family supported the man who promoted everything different than how I believed I was raised, my very foundation felt jeopardized. I have literally cried as I discovered those I admire most would be voting for him. When it was obvious he would become President, I was too numb to cry. That is reserved for today.  Today I will cry. But tomorrow, I will become a stronger person. I will use my heart in the best way possible. I will do what I can to make this a better world. Why? Because last night I became fully aware of what my foundation is. I sat with my daughter, son, and his girlfriend and witnessed absolute disappointment. I saw how hurt they were that people chose hate over love. I was reminded that despite raising my kids without religion, they have grown up to be the two people I admire more than anything in this world. Their hearts are my foundation. My husband and I have created two human beings that realize their privilege yet love others despite their sexual orientation, religion (or lack of it), color, language, etc. Like me, they want health care and education for all. Sitting with them at 2:30 in the morning, I gained my foundation back. I know who I am. I will take my past and mix it with my present to do what I can to make this country the best I can.   

*This is the video my son chose to play last night as a reminder of what could have been.

2 thoughts on “My Foundation was Rocked

  1. Cathy,

    I have shared you writing twice today. Once with my son and the other with his wife. Both were so upset and I told them this helped me. Thank you for the cool post.


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