I Hope My Message Was Heard.

This morning I sent a quiet message to a neighbor I do not know. I hope she received it. I saw her multiple times on my walk as she rode quite a distance behind her father on her bicycle.  Each time I saw this preteen, she was struggling for balance, walking her bike up inclines, and looking horribly uncomfortable. Each time I saw her, I sent messages to her that I hope she received, “You are doing it. You are getting stronger. Keep at it. You are stronger than you think.” As I continued my walk, I realized that by sending her messages of strength rather than judging or ridiculing her in my mind, I did something magnificent for myself.  As I continued on, thinking about the week ahead of me, I felt stronger myself. I felt my own strength.  Positive thoughts ALWAYS win.

2 thoughts on “I Hope My Message Was Heard.

  1. Wow that is so true. Positive thoughts are best thing to keep us going. I often wonder if the negative imagery I harbor is turned back on me and causes me discomfort.

    Perhaps we need some negative thought buddies. That way we can each more our negative thoughts down the line.


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