Equilibrium Energy: Incorporating Superfoods into Your Diet

I have been given this product as part of a product review through Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although this product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

Throughout my long journey of alternative ways to calm my rheumatoid arthritis, superfoods have become a regular in my diet. A few examples of superfoods are broccoli, kale, seaweed, and salmon. These superfoods work to give our body the antioxidants they need and help protect us from adding on to our list of diseases.  But whether dealing with a disease or not, adding more superfoods is always a good thing.  Our bodies depend on us to give it foods that nourish and heal, but as many of us know, life sometimes gets in the way of this goal and we turn to foods that do not always provide the powerful protection our bodies need which is exactly why I signed up with Chronic Illness Bloggers to give Equilibrium Energy by HoneyColony a try. Equilibrium Energy is a mixture of 12 ingredients that are intended to provide energy from all their antioxidant traits. With rheumatoid arthritis, more energy is always a plus.

This product arrived at my house in packaging that reminded me of an expensive cosmetic jar. The jar is dark glass which I took as a sign that they wanted to protect the integrity of the product which is awesome. However, my middle aged eyes couldn’t read anything on the jar. (If you have this problem too, be use to check out their site. The bottle is much easier to read there.)

At the time my jar arrived, I was feeling a little run down.  I don’t know if I had caught a little something or if a flare was trying to make its way into my body.  I decided this was a good time to start the product. Honey is the main ingredient of this product and often one of the go to ingredients we use in our home when not feeling well (like HoneyColony, we buy from a farmer  to make sure the quality is high).  It is recommended that you add this superfood to your morning smoothie or a cup of hot tea, but I chose to just take mine by the teaspoon.  I won’t lie.  I wasn’t in-love with the taste.  The consistency reminded me of tar.  But, I stuck with it.  As with any new food, I figured it would just take time for my body to get used to the taste.  I was right.  Soon, I was looking forward to my morning teaspoon just like when I used to take fish oil by the spoonful instead of softgels or when my naturopath had me on licorice root (I hated the taste at first but now even mentioning licorice root I am craving it.)  By listening to your body, it starts letting you know it wants more and to please not stop.

Did I have amazing energy while using my jar of Equilibrium Energy?  Honestly, I can’t say I did.  I did get over whatever was going on with my body and got motivated to work out…again. But, other than that, I don’t know.  I will say that from my experiences with various foods and diets (gluten-free, dairy free, paleo, etc) major changes don’t happen immediately.  They take time.  I believe the same is true with Equilibrium Energy.  You would need to try it for several months before making a decision. I think sometimes our bodies just need time to absorb the nutrients and to trust that we are going to continue supplying them.

Below are the top reasons HoneyColony loves this product (as found on their website). Read through them and also visit their site to get more details on how each of the 12 ingredients can work towards helping your body. Maybe you will even want to use the list as foods to incorporate into your diet a little more frequently.  With rheumatoid arthritis, ginger and turmeric are always good ones to include in our diets.  Read here why they help inflammation.

  • Superfood formula comprised of 12 inidvidual superfoods
  • Provides long-lasting, cellular energy
  • Increases stamina and endurance
  • Improves oxygen utilization for enhanced performance
  • Supports physical adaptability
  • Boosts electrolytes
  • Boosts anti­-oxidants
  • Supports DNA and cellular repair
  • Enhances brain function
  • Anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial, anti-viral support
  • All bee products come from family-owned California farms
  • High quality jar protects from negative influences of light
  • Each batch receives Certificate of Analysis to ensure highest quality
  • Non-GMO
  • All ingredients certified Organic or wild-crfafted
  • Free of added sugar, gluten, soy, nuts, wheat, herbicides, and pesticides

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