Self-Love: Our Body is Our Best Friend, Even in Pain

This month I am focusing on self-love. A biggie for me is how I talk to myself.  I strongly believe that when we talk to ourselves, we should be doing so as if we are talking to our best friend because really, that’s what we are to ourselves, or should be anyhow.  After several days of dealing with hip bursitis, I felt worn down.  I asked myself, “when will these damn hips stop hurting?”  I immediately felt awful about the words I had used.  Why would I say “damn hips” to a part of my body that is trying so hard to be good to me.  I wouldn’t say that “damn friend” to someone who is sending extra love and support when I need it most, would I?  No.  Well, my hips are doing the same thing.  Each day, despite the pain, they move me from place to place.  They allow me to take my morning walks, stand at the stove as I prepare food for myself, and most of all support the rest of my body that isn’t in pain.  My wonderful hips are doing all of this while they are in pain.  As my friend, I need to treat them with the respect they deserve.  “Thank you hips for doing all that you do for me each day. Let’s take a break.  Let’s get some ice.”  It may sound silly to talk to yourself or your body parts this way, but when I do, it totally flips things in my mind.  Instead of hating the thing that is hurting, I instantly feel compassion and love.  To me, this is the truest self-love we can show ourselves.  I feel like I have highs and lows in this area of self-love but know that the more I practice it, the better at it I will be. 

What about you?  How do you talk to yourself?

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