Serenity for Anxiety and Stress Relief

I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company

I am super picky about what goes on my skin. Not only is our skin our largest organ and needs to be protected and loved, but I have also always had very sensitive skin.  Eczema and dry skin have followed me throughout my life.  Therefore, I look for products with minimum ingredients that are also familiar to me.  Lathering myself in chemicals is just not my thing.  So, when Chronic Bloggers asked if I was interested in trying out The Fay Farm’s Serenity lotion, I jumped on it.

First off, The Fay Farm has a beautiful website sharing their story of leaving their day jobs to spend more time with their daughters. I am a sucker for folks who leave their desk jobs for something more. Serenity Lotion, like all The Fay Farm products, is made without parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, or phthalates. They are instead made with  all natural, organically-sourced materials.  This means they are not only good for our skin, but good for the environment too.  Serenity is made with purified water, hemp oil, emulsifying wax, stearic acid, grape seed oil, magnesium, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, essential oils, argan oil, 200mg CBD oil, chamomile, green tea, oats, passionflower, skullcap, gluconolactone and sodium benzoate.  The bottle mentions that “We added Cannabidiol Oil to our Serenity Lotion to provide improved relief for anxiety and nerve pain.”

After years of using natural products for cleaning our house, laundry, and on my body, I have become very sensitive to scented products.  When you have been away from these products for a while, your nose quickly learns that they are a danger to your body.  I am always cautious when using a new product because of this.  I even shy away from some public restroom hand soaps because after numerous washes, the scent still bothers me. When Serenity Lotion arrived, I pumped a small dab on my palm. While I had already read the ingredients, I always like to play it safe.  Wow!  The scent is very natural yet calming.  Since this product is intended for the relief of anxiety and stress and the calming of nerves, it is suggested that before using this you consider your individual stress level.  Then, use this lotion on your neck, covering the lymph glands.  Move down to your abdomen and give it a pump of Serenity.  Finally, massage it on the bottoms of your feet. Within five minutes you should feel more relaxed. Several days a week I work in the morning and then head back out for another class.  Around 5PM, my body is ready to shut down, not get back in the car for an evening class. What I have been doing is going through this ritual of massaging Serenity on my legs, especially my calves and feet before leaving.  I am guessing it is the essential oils that are providing the quick relief.  When I get home at night, I feel drawn to it again. My feet and neck are especially happy to be treated.

Since I am someone who uses natural products on a regular basis, I wanted to make sure Serenity Lotion was liked by others.  Whenever we’ve had visitors in the house I start off with “I am not selling this product, so don’t panic.”  But I wanted to see their reactions.  One friend is also sensitive to scents and right away noticed the gentleness of Serenity’s scent.  Everyone mentioned how soft their hands instantly felt.  This lotion is definitely a winner.  It would make a great gift also.

Ready to give it a try?  Use the code CATEEPOO when shopping online at The Fay Farm to receive 10% off and free shipping within the US.  They have many tempting products.

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