My Story on HealthCentral!

I had the wonderful experience of sharing my personal RA story with HealthCentral and their series “My Story: Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis” . It was more of a reflective experience than I imaged it would be. I felt a little vulnerable talking about my worst days, weirdly guilty that I’ve had so many good days when others are still struggling, and amazingly proud of who I’ve become as a person because of my experiences with rheumatoid arthritis. 

We each have an amazing story to share (share yours!) and we have so many inspirational people in our community.  Read their stories here. Thank you HealthCentral for sharing these stories in such a positive and beautiful way.

2 thoughts on “My Story on HealthCentral!

  1. My story is featured also, which is how I ran across you there! 🙂 I had heard of your blog, but didn't know your story. We have some things in common, namely experience trying to raise young children when you have RA! My daughter is 11 now and I can totally relate to your statement that your kids sometimes want you to play with them, but you just can't. I know you've had RA for a number of years, where I'm a relative newbie (symptoms started just over 2 yrs ago and I was diagnosed in Sept 2014). I'm sure your kids are now older, but I really appreciated hearing about your experience!


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