Our Hands Can Picture Project – January 2015: NEW

2015 – A new year with new beginnings for Show Us Your Hands! We now have a brand new website that we hope will bring greater benefits to you.  Also, we are now offering a second edition of our photo book “Our Hands Can” on Amazon at a more affordable price. The new website and book offering are intended to bring awareness to all inflammatory arthritis diseases as well as a place to display all the amazing things are community continues to do with inflammatory arthritis.

To coincide with both the New Year and the new things happening at Show Us Your Hands, January’s Our Hands Can Picture Project theme was NEW.  We asked the community to share photos of something NEW along with their hand.  We appreciate the feedback and inspiration.  Here’s a little sampling of what we received.

Ann Montgomery took matters into her own hands to see the ceramic poppies at the Tower of London, “I wasn’t able to get to see the ceramic poppies at the Tower of London but I was able to buy one once the installation was dismantled. It was beautifully presented and a reminder of all those who died in WW1. Here it is in the presentation box … new to me even though it had spent many months in the moat around the tower.

Melanie Skl kept her tummy satisfied with her warm banana chocolate muffins!  Those look amazing! 

Irene J. Narvaez-Hernandez’s passion for making delicious food for her family is exciting and we appreciate that she shared several photos for us. Keep them coming Irene!  “Even though my hands hurt I manage to make my family happy by making homemade flour tortillas.”   
The winning photo – We shared all the photos with our Advisory Council and they agreed on Kathy Mullis as January’s winner.  Her photo   “tugs at the heartstrings”.   We agree.  Kathy had a very special NEW person arrive in her life – a new grandbaby. Congratulations Kathy!  

Please contact us at infoATsuyhDOTorg with your name and address and we’ll make sure your copy of Our Hands Can Photo Book is sent out quickly. We appreciate each and every photo shared on our Facebook and Twitter pages and encourage you to continue inspiring others with all you are capable of doing with your hands. 

This month’s Our Hands Can Picture Project theme is LOVE. To submit a photo(s), take a photo of your hand(s) with something you LOVE and post it on our Facebook page or on Twitter, tagging us with @showusyourhands.  What do you love?  A pet, child, spouse, grandparent, chocolate, wine, rheumatologist, sweater….whatever your heart wants to share.  The prize for February is another copy of Our Hands Can Photo Book and the winner will be chosen by our Advisory Council. 

Remember that by submitting a photo, you give Show Us Your Hands! peremission to use the photo and your name in our community programs, such as the monthly Our Hands Can Picture Project. 

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