Our Hands Can! Community Stories: September 2014 – Work

Work. We all do it, every day. It’s the work we do for pay, the work we do as volunteers, and the work we do because it’s a passion. The theme for the Show Us Your Hands! September Picture Project was Work and we got a wonderful variety of submissions on our Facebook page. Our Advisory Council selected a favorite, who will receive a signed copy of Danea Horn’s wonderful book Chronic Resilience: 10 Sanity-Saving Tips for Women Coping with the Stress of Chronic Illness.

Here is a selection from the submissions for September. You can see the rest on the Show Us Your Hands! Facebook page.

Brenda added some very cute emoticons to the entry, illustrating her joy. Why is she so happy? “I am a music teacher, however I am currently home recovering from arthroplasty surgery (joint replacement in my hand), ecstatic that I’m able to play piano again.” We’re really happy for you, Brenda!

Helen has also found a way to keep doing what she loves. She says “I have had RA for 32 years. My life is great, don’t let it rule your life, take control. My hobby is photography which I did give up for some time due to holding the heavy camera. So I brought a new lighter model. Love it!!” We’d love to see some of your photos, Helen!

April submitted the photo of her hands dressed up in snazzy fingerless gloves. “I work in IT. I spend all day, every day, with my hands on or near the keyboard. And when I get home, they are usually there too (since I also write). When my hands are not happy, it makes for a long day some days.” We know exactly what you mean, April.

The winner for September is Robin. Her photo told of the strength and determination it takes to live with inflammatory arthritis. She said “I’m working on my future. I move and push myself with exercise and weight lifting. I’m trying to ensure my future self is well and happy in life I have planned. Pain is pain and I can have it on the couch or making forward progress. I love my work.”

Well said, Robin. Congratulations on being our September winner!

Contact us at suyh14ATgmailDOTcom and we’ll arrange for the book to come your way.

Do you want to be part of the Picture Project this month? Take a photo of your hands doing something related to the Change of Seasons, then post it on the Show Us Your Hands! Facebook page or Twitter and tag your post with @showusyourhands. Submit as many photos as you’d like.
The October prize is a signed copy of Daniel P. Malito’s So Young: A Life Lived with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Thank you so much for supporting the Picture Project, Dan!
We want to remind you that by submitting a photo, you give Show Us Your Hands! permission to use the photo and your name in our community programs, such as the monthly Our Hands Can! Community Stories.
To see the other entries in our Picture Project, hop on over to the Show Us Your Hands! Facebook page. We look forward to seeing your hands!

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