Always Changing

It seems like my blog and I have become long lost friends. I often think about it and sometimes even visit it to write a new post, but nothing seems to transpire. So yesterday, when I checked email and saw that I made Healthline’s Top Rheumatoid Arthritis Blogs, I was pleasantly surprised.   Thank you Healthline.

In my absence, my rheumatoid arthritis has been very good to me. I have had a few flares here and there, mostly in my hips, but overall it has remained very calm. Thank you RA!

It seems that just when my rheumatoid arthritis was ready for a little down time, life moved on to other hurdles.  Recently I have been dealing with some perimenopause issues.   With rheumatoid arthritis I felt the need to share everything I was going through.  Menopause has been different.  I often feel more private with a need to only share with a few close friends and family.   I have found it to be a frustrating time of dealing with stubborn weight, hot flashes, and a few other issues, but also have found that it has been a very reflective time. My oldest is finishing high school, just got his first job, and will be attending college next year. (Luckily still living at home.) My daughter will be a junior in high school next year. I have been married for 25 years. As my body is changing and entering a new phase of life, I have taken a lot of time looking back over my past. I am so proud of the decisions I made to stay home with my children and to give them an alternative education. I am glad that my husband I have worked through hard times together over the years and enjoyed tons of happy times together.  My children are true gifts to this world and my husband still seems to surprise me with all the goodness he has inside of him. I feel excited about all that is happening with my family and know that all will be good.

I feel like I’m at a good place in my life, even if I wish the old methods of weight loss still worked and my students didn’t have to see a sweaty teacher first thing in the morning, but those things are minor in comparison to all that is good in my life.

*I’m not on my blog often, but you can find me more frequently on my Facebook account.  

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