How Much News Can We Absorb?

I remember a day that I felt it was my civic responsibility to watch the daily news. I watched the Today Show as I dressed for work and when I was home with my babies.  To make sure I was up to date on everything, I made sure I also watched the nightly news.  However, as I sat watching the Twin Towers fall over and over again and then listened to horror story after horror story of the lives affected by the Katrina disaster,  I decided this little heart of mine could only take in so much bad news.  This was the point that I stopped watching and listening to the news. 

What I have discovered during my years of avoiding the news is that you cannot hide from it.  I only have to log on to Facebook to know what horrific things have happened in the world. If I choose to avoid Facebook, which I often do after I have learned the basic details of the current news story, I am confronted with the same stories over and over again when I go to work, the store, or anywhere outside of my home.  I am quite envious of the few people in the world who honestly can avoid the news.  For me, it hasn’t been possible.  Knowing this, I have decided the one thing I can do is make sure I don’t watch or read the same story lines over and over again.   
While I believe we need to care for others and try to make this world a better place, I don’t believe that happens by rehashing the same story over and over again.  I am a sensitive person by nature, but I honestly don’t understand how people handle the news of so much bad going on day after day.  For me, it gives me nightmares, which is one of the reasons I stopped watching the news. It also makes me lose hope in the world which is something I refuse to do.
Wednesday night and Thursday morning, my local town experienced a lot of rain which created flooding issues.  My family and I were prevented from going to school and work yesterday due to our neighborhood roads being blocked off.  Three miles from our home, in Lisle, IL, a state of emergency has been called.  Cars are under water as well as homes destroyed.  Am I watching some of the news coverage?  You bet.  This is my community.  This is when and where I 100% need to know what is happening.  This is the time for me to open up my heart and feel for others, to send healing thoughts, and to be a good citizen.   I  know that many bad things are happening in the world right now, but I can’t absorb all of the bad.  I can only concentrate on that right under my nose.  For those of you that have a bigger heart than me and can absorb all that is happening in the world – hooray for you!  I have learned my limits.  I can only handle so much bad news and need to hear plenty of good.       

7 thoughts on “How Much News Can We Absorb?

  1. I try to avoid the news as well anymore but like you say, it's impossible to do so. It's almost as if we're living in a 3rd world country with all of the shootings and bombings. Not the same place that I grew up in.


  2. Hi Cathy,

    I thought I left a comment for you on this post but returned because I've had terrible problems with all the changes to Blogspot. Anyway I've moved again and set up a new blog with WordPress.

    Hope all is well and that the joints are behaving themselves. Mine seem to be improving with age. I will do a post about that soon.

    Joanne x


  3. I feel the same, Cathy. I struggle a lot with anxiety and find that the images of violence and suffering which are constantly replayed on the news really have an effect on me (and I am anxious enough without them!). I skim a couple of news sources in the morning, but once I have the basics I usually don't go further, and there are certain news outlets, which I find sensationalize negative stories, which I now avoid completely.

    I'm glad you are finding your choice works for you. I have noticed a difference, too.


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