Connecting with Myself

2013 has been all about bringing calm to my life.  Therefore, I have been focusing on me and the things I love to do.  Here is my spring break:  
A nature walk with my teenage son, his friend, and my border collie.  Breathing in the trees, birds, and fresh air helped clear my mind and renew me. 
On Easter Sunday, my family and I went for a ten mile bike ride.  Spending time outdoors with my family always makes me happy, even when I try to resist it.  

I require a lot of alone time and I took it over spring break.  While the kids were busy with their own activities, I read and watched shows that I enjoy.

I participated in Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge  on creating Perfect Health with my sister Stacey.  Daily, we shared our goals with each other.  Knowing I have her there to support me and encourage me makes life wonderful.

Being gentle with ourselves and doing nice things that our bodies require is often overlooked in our society. Instead,  we are often made to believe that we are lazy if we aren’t constantly on the go doing something….. anything, except being good to ourselves. 

My rheumatoid arthritis has been under control for a while now, but last Wednesday through Saturday I experienced a pretty rough flare in my hip.  What I realized is that I didn’t freak out.  I remained calm.  In the past, when I’ve gone a while without a flare and then had one, I felt emotionally drained, worried that my body was turning on me.  This time, I didn’t experience that at all.  In fact, I realized that my nourishing time was a sure sign to me that taking time for myself was a good choice.  This break gave me lots of time to reflect on some things that have been bothering me. I believe this flare might have been my body’s way of ridding itself of all the negative feelings I have felt.  Now that they are out of my system, I can start this week back to work and a regular mom schedule feeling good about my self and my choices.  

I hope you are caring for yourself too.  Happy Monday!

One thought on “Connecting with Myself

  1. Great post, Cathy! I am also a Downton fan. 🙂

    Now that my RA is more under control, I have also been trying to focus on creating more peace in my life and building up habits that help me stay balanced. I'm glad you are feeling so good!


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