The Gift of Walking

As my readers know, I love early morning walks with my border collie, Izzy.  Our walks are a great way for me to get my joints moving in the morning and allow me time at the beginning of the day to get my thoughts and feelings organized.

The night before last and all day yesterday, we experienced a lot of rain.  My border collie has become very stubborn about taking walks in the rain – she won’t do it!  So, I didn’t even bother yesterday.  But, around 6:00 pm the weather changed from rain to wet snow with high winds.  Izzy has absolutely no problem walking in the snow or wind.  In fact, she loves it.

What I found by 6:00 pm last night was that I was getting as antsy about getting outside and walking as she was. I felt my body craving the walk.  That is the great thing about setting healthy habits for yourself.  Once they have been in place for a while, you crave them.

My daughter Sophia decided to join us.  It was awesome to have a little time with her at the end of a school day and before she sat down to study for finals.  I tested her on a few questions and then we had time to talk.

Walking is so simple, yet offers so many gifts in return. What healthy habits do you have for yourself?    

One thought on “The Gift of Walking

  1. I also try to walk regularly but have to admit it isn't daily. I have picked up this bug that has hunkered down in me and I can't seem to get rid of it. But I shall prevail!!!! Hope your holiday is wonderful and filled with lots of love and happiness!


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