Be Gentle with Yourself! Rejuvenate!

This has been a crazy, hectic, and stressful week of a teenager running a fever all week, a full week of work, some RA issues and life in general.  This morning was my first morning all week where I wasn’t rushed.  I decided to do some gentle things that remind me of who I am and what brings me the most peace and happiness.

  • I slept in until 6:00am
  • I put a batch of pumpkin cranberry muffins in the oven.  Baking just soothes my soul and calms me!
  • I made breakfast for Steve – sausage, eggs and a muffin so that he would have a little part of me with him all day.
  • I drove Sophia to school.  This little bit of time together reminded me that I am not spoiling her by driving her instead of requiring she take the bus, but I am gaining a little time with my daughter that we both needed and wanted.
  • I went for a walk with Izzy enjoying all the beauty of fall.
  • I worked out hard,even including Izzy in my workout today which she loved.  Rather than doing the short sprints by myself, I chased her around the back yard! She loves this!  Me too!    
  • I lit up some incense and meditated in front of the window where the sun was able to shine in on me.

I am curious, what do you do to  rejuvenate?  How are you gentle with yourself?

My beautiful daughter at homecoming.
How does this tie in with  post?  It  just makes me happy. 

12 thoughts on “Be Gentle with Yourself! Rejuvenate!

  1. you slept in till 6am???? oh my. haha. your body clock must be on a totally different schedule from mine.. to me 7am is horrifically early! 9-10am is the optimum but more often than not it's 11..


  2. Carla

    It is so great when you can just take time for yourself. Even more important when you have RA or other chronic conditions to worry about. Glad you got a chance to slow down a bit. Sounds like you've more than earned it. Your daughter is gorgeous.


  3. I have to agree with Squirrel on sleeping in until 6am… I have early class 3 days a week and am finding getting up at 6:20 so hard. It leaves me feeling beat up for the rest of the day! Maybe one day I will be a morning person.

    Everything else in your post sounds just wonderful, though – especially the muffins. And your daughter looks lovely. 🙂


  4. I know Squirrel, I am nuts. I am a morning person but also have to get up early in order to get the dog walked, make breakfast and get the kids out the door by 7:00 so I can leave by 7:45. I have NEVER been a person that could sleep in until 10:00. I have definitely tried, it just isn't me.


  5. Thanks Carla. She is gorgeous,isn't she. We had a lot of fun finding everything for homecoming. And the downtime on Friday was so nice and needed. I hope you are feeling some relief with your shoulder.


  6. Like you, I am a morning person. I am up at 5:30 every morning even on the weekend. I am usually in bed no later than 9. Things have been so crazy for me lately that I had not hand an oppurtunity to have me time. The last fews have been hectic but they made me realize how precious life is. My younger sister lives in NYC, less than a mile from the Coney Island boardwalk and she had to evacuate her home. Her and her family are safe and sound and her second floor apartment was spared from the wrath of Sandy but not all her neighbors were so lucky. My older sister is overseas and was supposed to return through JFK airport on Tuesday and as of today, her flight has not yet been rescheduled and we do not know when she and her husband will be home but again, they are safe. My mom has been at a rehab facility and they did not have power or heat from Monday night to last night (the backup generator was limited and did not include heat) but power is back and Mom's safe. It stopped raining yesterday late afternoon after six days of nonstop rain here. The sun came out and it made cry. I realized how blessed I was because everyone was safe and sound. You inspired me with your post and you reminded how blessed we are for the simple things like family, friends, a home, and food on our table.


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