Join the Show Us Your Hands! Board!

Show Us Your Hands! is moving to the next level. We are beginning the process of becoming an official nonprofit charity organization in order to continue organizing creative community projects and awareness campaigns aimed at increasing public understanding of inflammatory arthritis. This means we need to grow our Board of Directors.
This is where you come in!
As a member of the Show Us Your Hands! Board of Directors, your responsibilities would include:
  • defining our Mission and ensuring we stay on course,
  • developing an annual plan and managing programs to accomplish our Mission,
  • implementing and maintaining transparent financial systems, budgets and accounting controls,
  • supporting and engaging in fundraising efforts,
  • internal board management, such as electing officers and replacing outgoing Directors,
  • establishing and overseeing special-issues committees (e.g., community outreach, volunteers, awareness programs, special events), and
  • helping promote Show Us Your Hands! and its activities to the public.
Our organizational culture is one that emphasizes proactive teamwork, respect and a sense of humor. We believe in the inflammatory arthritis community and in this organization and work hard for the love of the cause. (This is another way of saying that this is a volunteer unpaid position!)
If you are committed to working at the global grassroots level to unite and inspire people who live with inflammatory arthritis, please let us know by responding to a few questions before November 1, 2012. We will carefully review all submissions and then contact selected individuals in order to schedule brief online interviews.
Experience with finance and accounting is a plus.
Apply now to join the Show Us Your Hands! Board of Directors.

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