Baby Steps To Reach Our Goals

During my rough years with rheumatoid arthritis, I learned many great life lessons.  One of those lessons was that just because I couldn’t complete a goal at 100% satisfaction didn’t mean it wasn’t worth tackling.  Baby steps towards my goals were perfectly acceptable.

For years now I have wanted to have my own garden.  For various reasons I put it off every year.  This year I decided to apply the baby step concept I used with my rheumatoid arthritis to my garden.  I reminded myself that I didn’t have to have a huge garden full of various plants.  What was important was that I take one small step towards my goal.

Here is 2012’s Baby Step Garden.  Yes, it is very small, but I am proud of it.  I am successfully growing jalapeno peppers, strawberries, and three different herbs.  I felt so proud several evenings ago when I announced that my homemade guacamole included a pepper I had grown myself.

Just as when I was coming out of a two year flare I learned that I had to give my body a chance to meet my physical and emotional goals, the same is true with my garden.  By taking this small step towards the garden I have always wanted, I didn’t feel disappointment in myself for going another year without attempting my goal.   In fact, this baby step garden gives me confidence in adding to it next year.  And most importantly, it meets the energy level I have to give right now – another great lesson learned from rheumatoid arthritis.  I know that by trying to do more than my body can handle only ends in disappointment.

Who knows?  Maybe in a year or two, I will have the full garden I see in my head.  But for now, I am completely satisfied caring for my little accomplishment.

What baby step accomplishments have you made lately?

4 thoughts on “Baby Steps To Reach Our Goals

  1. I am still baby stepping it to complete my bucket list. And to think of it…I have been baby stepping it through life with ra for the past 14 years. I like the old saying…Slow and steady wins the race! Love your container garden 🙂


  2. That's great Cathy! I'd love to grow plants but I'm sooo bad at it, I forget them and they die. haha oh well! My goal is to get myself into a better job, and not sure how I'm going to do it yet but I have taken the baby step of putting together my resume and portfolio. Have to start somewhere..


  3. Herbs is a great way to start! You plant them once, and they keep on giving for years and years, with very little care.

    That's how I've done my garden – learn to grow one thing at a time, one pot or one plant or one bed at a time. I'm always looking for the things that grow the easiest for me. This year I discovered chard and fennel and bok choy – all available in our area as bedding plants – they take little room and little care and are pretty as they grow, and yummy to eat! They are my new favorites.
    Old favorites are sun gold tomatoes and yukon gold potatoes – both are easy and do well with little carel
    Can you do a fall garden in Chicago? That would be another way to baby step your garden, a couple of spring plants, a couple of summer, and a couple of fall – spread out the joy!
    Good luck & keep on baby stepping.


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