Who’s the Lucky One?

This morning an elderly neighbor was getting out of his car as Izzy and I walked by.  He said, “That dog is lucky.  No matter what the weather conditions, it gets a walk every morning.”  He-he!  He might think Izzy is the lucky one, but I think differently.  If it wasn’t for Izzy, I wouldn’t have the motivation to get myself up and out of the house every morning to enjoy the sun on my face, watch the animals start their day with play, or get my joints moving.  While Izzy is definitely a lucky dog, I think maybe I am just as lucky!

6 thoughts on “Who’s the Lucky One?

  1. In the two months between my previous owner (cat) died and Lucy arriving in my life, I realized how much having a pet made me move. I lost quite a lot of function in those 8 weeks. Then Lucy came home with me and I hurt like mad for 3 weeks while my body got used to moving around again.

    It's National Pet Month – thanks to my kitty for keeping me strong and flexible!


  2. The way I see it, you're good for each other. I would hate to live without our pets, they provide us much laughter, company and support. On days I don't feel good, Misty knows and will put her day on hold to lay next to me on the couch.


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