Preparing For Work Week

Last week I returned to teaching two ESL (English as a Second, Third, Fourth and sometimes even Fifth Language) classes.  One class is in the morning and the other at night.  Although I LOVE my long breaks from work, it is nice to be back following a regular schedule and seeing the students I love. 

Before heading back on Tuesday night, I decided to spend some time getting things in place for the week.  I cleaned out my two book bags and everything is now organized,  I took a pair of pants in to have the snap replaced, and I replenished my personal hygiene products. 

By replenish I mean I made my own products. You may think making your own personal hygiene products is a time consuming project.  It’s not.  The amount of time I spent making these products took less time than I have spent reading the ingredients on the back of the products.  Plus, these ready made products end up costing a lot more than making them.

First I replaced my small Rubbermaid container of coconut oil that I use as a moisturizer and eye make-up remover and then I made my hairspray and deodorant.  What I have found in making a few of my own personal hygiene products is that I feel nourished when making them.  This may sound strange but when I am making them I feel as if I am spending a little quality time on myself and I like that feeling. 
Slowing down and finding time to spend on myself has been a slow process but one that I really enjoy.  Just as I have discovered over the years that cooking meals for my family is not a chore but a small gift of myself that I can give to them each day, making my own personal hygiene products is a small gift I can give to myself.  Not only do I feel safe using the products I have made myself because I know what is going into the products, but I also like knowing that I am spending time on something that is just for me.  I feel as if I am pampering myself. 
What do you do to prepare for your work week?

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