Why I Blog

It occurred to me this morning that there is a connection between my love for early morning walks and blogging.  In almost all of my relationships I am the listener.  This personality trait sometimes leads to a very one sided relationship, but I have acknowledged that that is who I am and I am okay with it.  However, when I walk early in the morning, all is calm and quiet.  I have a chance to talk to myself and get my own thoughts worked out.  Then I have a chance to come home and blog before everyone else is awake.  Blogging is my chance to be the one talking.  I can say everything I need to say without someone interrupting me and returning to their story.  I am glad I can be a listener in my relationships as I feel that is what drives many people to me, yet I love having this blog where I can release and share my stories.

Why do you blog?

7 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. Great insight.

    I think people come to me thinking they'll find a listener, but I don't really feel as if I do that good a job. Or rather, I'm a listener, but not a good empathizer. 😦

    I think I like blogging because, apart from my husband, most of my real life friends aren't interested in the same things I am. Blogging gives me a sense of community.


  2. That's an interesting question.

    I'm very much an introvert, and so I also tend to be the listener in most of my relationships. Blogging lets me be the talker once in a while.

    I also blog because I sometimes feel guilty talking about my illness to friends and family – I know they worry about me and feel sad that I'm in pain, and I feel bad about that. Blogging to an audience who understands chronic illness lets me express my feelings and frustrations without worrying that I'm hurting people.


  3. I started blogging to hopefully make it easier for others with ra. I was hoping that if I could offer an easier way, a bit of advice, a short cut through all the red tape out there, then I have accomplished something. I think because I tend to be the fix it type I felt my blog would offer me a way to maybe fix it for another person with ra. Hoping that perhaps if I offered up ways I found to make ra more doable, easier to cope with, or connect them to current ra information, maybe…just maybe their ra day would be made a bit easier. And I like listening to you…talk away 🙂


  4. I blog because I love to write and put my words down somewhere permanently. I write because it is therapeutic in helping me deal with chronic illness. I write because it is my way of connecting with people and the world in general. And finally,I write because it keeps me sane!!


  5. I blog to keep a journal of my journey – for me.

    I blog to “tell” the people in my life what is happening with me, without having to always talk about it, repeat it ad nauseum. If they want to know, they can go read.

    I blog because, when I'm having a bad day, I can't talk about it without getting weepy.

    I blog because I can forget it once I've written it down.

    I blog because I wake up in the morning with a blog pouring out my fingertips into the computer. My subconscious seems to create them while I sleep. So, I guess I write them for me, as a message from my subconscious to my conscious me.

    And I've been delighted to find that my blog has begun to connect me to the RA community. And you are amazing women and men. I'm glad I found you in cyberspace, and bless each of you every day. Thanks for becoming part of my world.


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