From Bland to A Rainbow of Color

Twenty four years ago my soon to be father-in-law met me at JCPenney, where I was employed, during my 15 minute break.  He asked me to help him pick out dinnerware that he was giving as a Christmas gift to my brother-in-law and his wife.  I remember thinking they didn’t have a lot of color in their house and decided to go with the most bland dinnerware I could find to be on the safe side. 

Well, guess what I got for Christmas that year?  Yep, the bland plates.  They are simple and pretty, but they have never been what I wanted for me.  However, I loved the intention that my father-in-law put into the gift and went ahead and added this set to my bridal registry.

Over the years I have enjoyed the plates for a few reasons.  1) They have held up well over 24 years. 2) They have always reminded me of the loving heart my father-in-law has for me.  But, each time that one of the kids or I would drop one I always said, “No worries.  This just means we are one step closer to new plates.”

Well, that day has finally arrived.  For Christmas Steve bought me a few pieces and I added on with some money we received so that I now have lots of beautiful colors!

Blue, red, purple, orange, and green!

Aren’t they beautiful?  I just love all the colors.  We don’t have a complete set yet, but it will be fun to keep adding on and enjoying the rainbow of colors that these new plates bring to our meals. 

3 thoughts on “From Bland to A Rainbow of Color

  1. What fun – I love color, too!

    I have little green fiesta ware dessert bowls. If that's what you have, they often go on sale right after Christmas, at least in our neck of the woods.

    Hope your Christmas was blissful.

    Happy New Year!


  2. Susan, we have a great outlet mall by our house that sells Le Creuset, which is what we went with for our dinnerware. The prices are already discounted by when I purchased the new pieces, they had a 35% additional discount! We now have every color available through the outlet mall and I will have to search for discounts on the last three remaining colors.

    Thanks for commenting Susan. I have enjoyed getting to know you this year. 🙂 Happy 2012.


  3. I love color! I use to own the antique version of these plate years ago but sold them. today I have lots of color in my dishes but mine are a golden yellow, green and mixed version of sorts. It just brighten the soul when food is harbored in such pretty things 🙂


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