I’m so Smart: My Response to Raynaud’s disease

Winter and morning walks are not a good combination for Raynaud’s disease.  However, the many benefits of getting outside everyday and moving outweigh the side effects.   The other morning I was out for my walk with Izzy.  I was dressed in layers and had on my warm winter gloves.  However, about half way through the walk I could feel the tips of my fingers getting really cold.  Rather than go into a panic which sometimes happens when they get this cold, a super smart idea came to me, “use your body.”  I took off my gloves and placed my hands on my warm stomach.  Of course my stomach wasn’t too pleased at first but within a few minutes my hands were toasty again and I was able to put my gloves back on and head home without a problem.  Thank you stomach for staying so warm and helping my fingers.

2 thoughts on “I’m so Smart: My Response to Raynaud’s disease

  1. Isn't it amazing how you can tell when you're about to lose circulation? Good thinking, using your stomach to warm your hands before you could get home to a sink full of warm water.

    If you check hunting supply places, there are little pocket warmers that work great. (fwiw, arm pits are warmer than tummies, but not as accessible when you're out for a walk 😉 )


  2. WarmSocks, our Walgreens carries those warmers and I buy them when it gets colder. Right now we are still in the mid 20's to low 30's in the morning. I will definitely need the warmers soon. Thanks for the reminder.


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