The Rheumatoid Arthritis Journey – A Year in Review – Health Central

2011 has been a year of success for my rheumatoid arthritis and me. Shortly before the year began I came out of a more than two year whole body flare and things just seem to continue getting better.

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One thought on “The Rheumatoid Arthritis Journey – A Year in Review – Health Central

  1. Steven Hawkin

    This has been a very educational and informative material on arthritis. I had a heart bypass surgery a few years ago and now, I have been having chronic pain on my left chest around the breast area. I have undergone many tests (chest X-ray, CT scan, echo stress test) and luckily it is not my heart that's causing the pain. The lungs are normal. I was asked to see a chiropractor and have been undergoing treatment for 3 months. He also gave me a topical lotion to use for the affected area. I do feel better. However, the pain and discomfort comes back often especially on days where I have to do some lifting (grocery bags) and doing chores or sitting too long at work in front of the computer. I feel the tightness of the chest to the point where breathing is tight. I would like to be able to breathe better again even when the discomfort is there. I don't want any more surgeries or some invasive tests if possible.
    Steven Hawkin


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