Need for Positive on Blog

For some reason it is always unsettling to me when the last post on my blog is one that makes me sad.  The sides effects of Arava make me sad and have been weighing heavily on me lately.  Each time I come to my blog I see that post and it only makes the situation more frustrating for me. My blog is a place for me to share my experiences, good and bad, but I like coming to my blog and getting encouragement from the last post.  So, here are a few quotes that have inspired me lately:

Now is possibly the time to move forward with your dream so see this as a big adventure and enjoy it.  All will be well. ~My Mom

Nothing is more empowering than when you become inspiring to yourself. ~ MovNat
That’s funny, an RA sushi restaurant  ~  Sophia, in response to a sushi restaurant we saw yesterday named RA Sushi _______(I can’t remember the rest of the name).  Funny that we can’t look at the letters R and A together without thinking of rheumatoid arthritis.

5 thoughts on “Need for Positive on Blog

  1. Carla

    Even when you've been at your lowest, you continue to serve as a positive role model and inspiration for your readers. (Don't be so hard on yourself!)


  2. As much as we like to inspire others, I truly believe that many come to the blog world to compare. So posting your reaction to any med, experience or other, whether positive or not is needed. Sometimes we need a realty check and I for one look to the blogs. It is often reassuring for others to see that they are not alone in a reaction to something. Hoping you find the med that works for you and soon.


  3. Your mom is a wise woman. Reminds me of a line from the Torah (according to a Jewish friend of mine): This, too, shall pass.

    Or my bastradized version: All will be fine in the end. If it's not fine, it's not the end. 😉


  4. Positive is great, but letting us see the not so great helps us feel connected to someone who is on the same twisted path.

    There is no one in my everyday life who “gets” me like the RA blogging community.

    You are a wonderful inspiration to us all.

    Hope the baddies get behind you soon. And thanks for the wart tip – I will be trying that tonight 🙂


  5. The positive is actually for myself. I need to read more of my own positive. I do need to share the down times of RA, but when those times sit as the latest post for a long time, I feel the need to add something positive, even if it is just for myself.


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