Quiet Thanksgiving Weekend – Just What This Introvert Craves

Long ago I came to the happy realization that I am an introvert.  Once I accepted this about myself, I started respecting the needs that come with being an introvert.  Although I love people, they exhaust me.  I find that I get my energy from being at home reading, taking walks, or hanging out with my family.  This weekend provided exactly what this introvert needed.  I am now revived and ready to tackle a busy week full of people.  

A delicious grain free meal prepared by the three of us.

Steve doing his manly job of slicing the turkey. 

Alexander has helped Steve put up the tree since he could stand.  It is so fun to see him now.
Sophia’s ornament for this year is a s’mores inside a sleeping bag to represent her week long camping trip.

Alexander received a license plate with his name since this was the year of learning to drive.
Enjoyed some time alone with Sophia decorating for Christmas.

Alexander putting up his collection of ornaments.  Great memories.

On Friday night we went to our town’s Christmas tree lighting.

The big guy that makes all these wonderful memories possible!

It feels good to be me!

3 thoughts on “Quiet Thanksgiving Weekend – Just What This Introvert Craves

  1. Thanks Jennifer for the very nice comment. Choosing an ornament to represent the kid's year is always one of my favorite parts of the holiday. Plus, it is so fun to look back over them each year. It is kind of like a scrapbook of ornaments.

    Squirrel, thanks for checking in. I'm definitely looking forward to the holidays. Enjoy yours and your good health.


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