Somebody’s Been Sleeping in My Bed

Every morning before leaving for work I make my bed and every afternoon I come home to this:

For a while I thought the kids were cuddling up in my spot after I left and enjoying a few more minutes of sleep.  Then I learned who was really behind unmaking my bed:

Alexander told me that every morning after my car takes off, Izzy runs up to my bedroom and begins “fixing” the blankets.  Then she lays down and takes a little nap right in my spot.  I guess she likes to be close to me when I am away.  So sweet. 

8 thoughts on “Somebody’s Been Sleeping in My Bed

  1. True Love 🙂 I think she wants to be near your scent as it comforts her. My kitties both sleep on my bed. Sometimes they even burrow down under the covers or decide to curl up on my pillow. Did I mention that one time I got a mouth full of kitty hair as a reminder that they had been sleeping there all day.


  2. So cute. 🙂 She's just keeping it warm for you.

    Lately, if someone is sitting in one of Henry's favourite spots, he will walk up to you and give a little growl. As soon as you get up, he just hops up and takes your place.


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