Rheumatoid Arthritis: Am I a Bragger? – Health Central

One year and one month ago, my life changed dramatically. I began giving myself Enbrel shots and tweaked my diet once again. The combination brought very good results for me. All the sudden I could see tiny little changes happening in my body. I was reaching up and putting dishes away without having to consider the pain that would come with this chore. I was hugging my family without wincing in pain. Soon I was walking up the stairs without any problem. Then I was riding my bike again and before I knew it, life as I had known it before rheumatoid arthritis was a part of me again.  To read more of this post, visit MyRACentral.

6 thoughts on “Rheumatoid Arthritis: Am I a Bragger? – Health Central

  1. Cathy, please don't ever feel that you are bragging when you share positive updates on your health. For me personally, I appreciate knowing that someone is doing well, despite RA. It gives hope and happiness to know when others are reaching a high level of wellness. I appreciate knowing that you care so much about others in their own struggles.

    Thank you for sharing such happy news!


  2. Carla

    All of us need to know there can be success. Without that, we do not have hope. First, thank you for sharing your journey. Second, don't stop sharing the good days. You never know when you will inspire someone.


  3. Cathy, when I was first diagnosed I was in such a depression and my body was going mad and I logged on and read all these horrific stories that just sent me into hopelessness. But then I discovered 'the single gal's guide to RA' and lo and behold..there was a story of a young woman, only 5 or so years older than me, successfully managing her RA. She was working, dating, travelling, exercising. You have no idea what hope that gave me. And eventually finding your blog was the same, although by that point I was feeling a lot better myself, it was still great to read other happy stories. Your tone is never one of 'bragging' but of sheer joy and gratitude for every day of life!


  4. While I know just what you mean about feeling like you're bragging when you write about feeling good, rather than bad, please DON'T stop writing about both, Cathy. There are times when all of need to read that there is hope for better health in the future, and reading about your experiences really helps with that. At the same time, that feeling of camaraderie when we're both feeling awful is important, too. I've loved reading everything you've written about; you do it in such a thoughtful and compassionate way, and you're always exploring new ways to feel better and sharing them with the rest of us. I think you do a FINE job. HOORAY that you're feeling so well and so strong at this point in your life! May you stay that way–and tell us about it. :o)


  5. I'm a regular reader of your blog, and I agree with everyone else who has commented here and on your RA Central post – please keep sharing! I understand your concerns, and I've also been in the place where it's hard to read success stories when things are especially bad for me… But on the whole, I love to read your blog because it gives me hope. You're right that people do tend to stop blogging when things are going well, and I think it does the rest of us a disservice. We need to see both sides of the story, not just the bad parts.

    I hope that I will be in your position one day soon – I feel that I'm getting closer these days – and I hope I will keep blogging even when I feel great!


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