Rheumatoid Arthritis and Acoustic Neuroma Similarities – Health Central

This Labor Day I traveled to my hometown of Wichita, Kansas.  I took an eleven hour train each way by myself so that I could spend two days with my sister Stacey and her family.   Two months ago, Stacey was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma, a benign brain tumor.  Less than …>”>Read the rest of this post .

*An update since this posted on Health Central.  Stacey is now home bound receiving occupational therapy.  I was able to talk to her on the phone for the first time Wednesday.  It was so nice to hear how she is doing first hand.  She is slowly progressing daily.  Her strategy is to focus each day on any little thing she did today that she wasn’t able to do yesterday.  My hero!

One thought on “Rheumatoid Arthritis and Acoustic Neuroma Similarities – Health Central

  1. So happy your sister is through the surgery and recovering. Having that bubble of love really does help and I am glad she has a large one supporting her through this recovery time. It took me many years to have the confidence to listen to my body and do what instinctively I knew was right. I think, sadly so, that the medical community tends to drive this out of us with their “God complex” and the authoritative attitude one so often faces with doctors. Thank goodness your sister knew to listen to her body and her own mind. It saved her life. Of that I have no doubt. God speed with her healing!


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