Kennebunk, Maine: A Family Vacation with My Mom and Siblings

(Front) Sherry, Stacey, Mike, Robyn, Mom (Back) Cathy and Danny

My first solo trip without Steve or the kids was a success!!! I spent two days and three nights in Kennebunk, Maine with my mom and five siblings to celebrate my older sister’s upcoming 50th birthday.  In my family, we don’t generally celebrate birthdays with anything besides a phone call or an email, but turning 50 is a big deal and something to be celebrated.  For my brother Mike’s 50th two years ago, my mom rented a space in Kansas and we had everyone – siblings, spouses, parents, nieces, nephews, grand kids, etc.  It was huge.  For the second 50th birthday we decided to do siblings only.  I loved this time with my siblings and mom.  It was absolutely perfect!

This was our first morning in Maine.  Stacey and I were up early and decided to walk.

This was on our last morning in Maine.  Stacey and I were up at 4:15AM.  We needed just a little more time together before I headed to the airport with my two brothers.  I love time with her. 
All four of us girls decided to walk to the beach and see the sun rise.  Perfect!

Cathy, Stacey, Robyn, and Sherry
The four sisters on our early morning walk along the beach.
Stacey went to Australia last year with my mom and brought back a wine called “Four Sisters”.  
This was my favorite day because it was so relaxing.
Spending some time talking with my mom on the beach.  She made all of this possible.  Thanks Mom!
I loved seeing my brothers hang out.  They would often desert us girls and meet up for a beer. 
My sister Robyn had me cracking up so hard as we ran along the beach.
The beach was the perfect place to get some barefoot time in.
Our last evening together we decided to skip sitting at a  restaurant. Instead we each brought back  food from wherever sounded good to us individually.  We sat outside eating until the mosquitoes finally forced us inside.
The last night we also sang “Happy Birthday” to my sister Sherry with a blueberry pie.  (I didn’t have any but I heard it was delicious. )  She will be 50 in September.  Happy Birthday Sherry!

My favorite part of the trip besides laying on the beach was coming back to our rooms at night to play games, drink wine, and eat chocolate. 
This is me, Cateepoo, in our room.  This picture is how I felt during this trip – happy!

I came home to a clean house, two kids and a husband that missed me, and a border collie who was beside herself with happiness to see me.  I am glad to be home knowing that I have shared some wonderful memories with people I truly admire and love.

6 thoughts on “Kennebunk, Maine: A Family Vacation with My Mom and Siblings

  1. Cathey what a wonderful journal of a lovely, relaxing trip. I almost could feel the sand between my toes! I am off to a vacation with my extended family next week in RI so this just makes me even more eager for the time to get here! Maine is beautiful this time of year. I live in Vermont and we try to get to Maine a couple of times a year at least and my husband travels there on business throughout the year. Kennebunk is one of our favorite spots! take care. Nan


  2. What a wonderful idea! I love it! A friend of mine, her Mom and Dad take their rather large family (22 total) on family vacations…a cruise was the first. Then they took their parents (22 again) up to a resort in PA. Ahhh…the memories you get from such togetherness. I am headed out next week for a short getaway but it will be just my daughter and her dear friend from NJ going. I am sooo excited though because it is not to far away and the hotel I picked has alot to do…easy for my ra 🙂 I hope we have just as many memories to bring back as your pictures reflect of your getaway.


  3. That sounds like a wonderful trip, Cathy – and your photos are great! It looks like a beautiful spot. (And isn't it fun to come back to a dog who's so excited to see you?)


  4. It's been awhile since I've checked in and it's wonderful to see you so happy and active. It really is a testament to LIVING with RA.

    Happy birthday to your sister…and thanks for sharing the photos.


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