New Glasses

My Zandyman, AKA Alexander, is now the owner of a brand new pair of glasses. A few months ago he started complaining of not seeing as well out of one eye as the other. I took him in last week and apparently he needs a heavy duty prescription for astigmatism. He seems pretty excited with the glasses. I am sure that seeing things clearly would make a person excited. Anyhow, I think he looks great!!!

9 thoughts on “New Glasses

  1. The glasses look great! I've broken so many pairs over the past couple of years that I finally invested in those frames that bend and twist but don't break (at least not yet!)


  2. Thrive, Zandy loves hats. It is kind of his thing.

    Ranny, he seems pretty happy with them so far. Walking in the heat delivering newsletters yesterday was his first unpleasant experience with them.


  3. Yeah, it can be quite a headache to have a hard time seeing. Soon enough, all that squinting and concentrating becomes a literal headache too. Well, here's to hoping that he enjoys the glasses and the help it does for the eyes.


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