Slow Down

This makes me smile.  Just over a year ago, I was the slowest member of our family.  Everyone walked at a snail’s pace so that they wouldn’t pass me by and we could walk together.  I know it was hard for everyone and I love them for willingly staying with me. Over the weekend my husband joined my border collie and I on our walk but first asked, “Are you going to walk with me?”  He asked that because now that I am in remission (I am not sure if I am technically in remission, but I feel like I am.),  Izzy and I walk at a very fast pace and I forget to slow down when Steve is walking with us.  I love that I am now being asked to slow down my walking.  I seriously never thought this day would come.

7 thoughts on “Slow Down

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  2. What an amazing post! You know me, I'm a big fan of the little things that keep us positive! I never thought I'd be able to move as quickly and as pain-free as I have recently, so I'm right there with ya! It's surprising and amazing and crazy all at the same time. Congrats on feeling SO GOOD!


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