Rheumatoid Arthritis: Getting Back on the Bicycle

We all have activities we enjoy doing in life and when rheumatoid arthritis comes knocking at our door, there is a huge fear of it taking away those very activities that we love. For me, bike riding is the thing I love doing. During the worst of times with my rheumatoid arthritis, I was willing to give up a lot of other things, but not my bike riding. I tried riding when my knees were swollen and sore, I tried riding when my fingers could barely grasp the brakes, and I rode when my shoulders were stiff and hollered in pain. Why? It was just one thing I could not give up easily.

What is the one activity that you have a difficult time giving up? What gives you hope for a brighter future?

To read the complete story of getting back on my bicycle, go to MyRACentral.

6 thoughts on “Rheumatoid Arthritis: Getting Back on the Bicycle

  1. Hi Cathy,

    So interesting you posted about bike riding this week! I just got on my bike this past weekend for the first time in over a year since RA onset. It was a MONUMENTAL milestone for me! Thankfully my bike has foot pedal brakes, or I'd still be off it. Hoping for continued “Happy Trails” to us both!

    Thrive with RA


  2. Woo hoo! Great article, Cathy. I'm a bike gal myself as I've probably mentioned before. If you lived in Scotland you could do the 50 mile charity ride with me in September. Should probably start training for that…
    I find cycling easier than walking sometimes because my feet are one of my worst affected areas and the bike is easy on them. I worry about my hands and how I'll grip if they get bad but hey ho.. live in the present and all that 🙂 Enjoy your rides!


  3. Thrive, Congrats on getting back on your bike. It is exciting to do it again, isn't it? I hope your success continues and you have many rides this summer.

    Squirrel,I would love to do the charity ride with you. How fun! I remember you like to bike too. Good luck training and good luck to those feet.


  4. Also Squirrel, I have tried a few times to comment on your blog but something is wrong with blogger, google, or my computer because it keeps booting me out of my account. The only way I can leave comments is if the blogger allows anonymous comments. Anyhow, I am reading your blog and as always, love hearing about your adventures!!


  5. Anonymous

    Hi, I haven't ridden a bike in atleast five years. I find my wrist and my hands are in too much pain after an hour or so. Can you recommend a bike, that has easy break handles to grip and handle bars to ease the pressure on the wrist. I want to get back on the saddle, please let me know what bikes you ride and others I should consider. Thanks.


  6. Anonymous,
    I don't have a special bike that I ride. My husband did get me a bike with shocks so the ride wasn't so bad and gel filled gloves. Other than that, it took feeling better before I was able to ride again, although many times I dealt with the pain afterwards. Somethings I just can't give up. Good luck. I hope you make it there soon.


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