Paleo Eating

Last night the lesson with my adult ESL students was on adverbs of frequency: always, usually, sometimes, rarely, and never.  I was giving examples of each using food.  I said I “rarely” eat turkey because I don’t like it, I “sometimes” eat chicken and fish, and I “usually” eat red meat.  Immediately several students said, “Teacher, red meat is bad for you.”  I listened to their concerns and continued on telling them that I “always” eat vegetables with dinner.  Hearing that I “always” eat vegetables with dinner calmed their concerns.  One student said, “Teacher, that is why you look so healthy.”  That comment made me feel so good.  I am glad that the foods I eat make me look healthy because when I eat paleo (lots of grassfed meat, free range eggs, variety of veggies, good fats, and a little fruit) I feel healthy.  I not only feel full with the foods I feed myself, but more importantly, I feel nourished when I eat.  

With every group of students we discuss food, especially meat.  I find it interesting that students from all over the world eat more of the animal than most Americans.  Last night in class, several students encouraged me to give tongue, brains, and even blood a try!  Yikes. I eat paleo, but I am not sure I am ready for that.  I do have a pound of chicken livers in my freezer that I intend to experiment with in a liver spread soon.  This will be a huge step for me in the organ eating department, but Alexander said he is willing to try it with me.  Although not an organ meat, last week we both ate sardines for the first time with bones.  Yummy!  No wonder Izzy always goes crazy when I feed them to her.  They taste better than they smell.  She also goes crazy when I feed her liver, so maybe there is a chance I will love it too. 

What about you?  Do you eat organ meats?  If so, do you have a favorite recipe?  Also, how frequently do you eat them?

5 thoughts on “Paleo Eating

  1. I had to smile on your writings today….my hubby eats organ meats alot. He is from the middle east and loves them when he can find nice looking ones. Me…nope! I don't like the organ meats but at least our turkey organ meats get eaten on a regular basis…by him. If you venture down this road…I will follow slowly through your writings 🙂 That is as close as I get!


  2. Oh, I love organ meats!! Only from wild animals that we kill ourselves (or are given). Partridge hearts and liver are my fave, and I have been known to fight for them 😀 Seal liver is by far my favourite liver. Yum!!


  3. Deb, I am able to get organ meat from our farmer and have always bought them for our dog. But I think there are a lot of good benefits I am missing by only giving them to her. I will definitely share my experiences. 🙂

    Pony, wow! A person that eats organ meat and likes it. Do you have any favorite recipes? I am trying the recipe I linked to and if I like it I will probably stick with chicken livers for a while.


  4. Ha Ha, Cathy, I've been reading through your blog reading up on paleo/gluten-free and I saw this unanswered question! I live up in Labrador where there are many, many seals. It is an Aboriginal region, and many people hunt regularly to enjoy traditional foods and supplement their groceries (it can be expensive up here!). Seal liver that I eat is usually given to us by family/friends, that they have hunted themselves. My mum is usually the recipient and invites us over for a roast (lots of onions!).

    I used to regularly buy ostrich liver from a farmer at the farmers market when I lived in Halifax and my favourite way to eat it was sliced and fried in butter (or oil) with tons of garlic and onions 🙂


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