Life is Always Here

Many times with rheumatoid arthritis I have felt like the veggies in this video.  I have felt vibrant and full of life and then like the veggies, I have felt like I was slowly decaying.  Watch the whole thing.  At the end, life once again returns.  I think this is a good reminder to ourselves that we have to be patient with ourselves during a flare because life does always return.

My son Alexander sent this video to me a while back.  As we were on a walk the other day he brought this video up again.  He mentioned his amazement at how even as the veggies become moldy, new life can appear.  He said, “Really, life never dies.  It is always there.  Even when a person dies, the memories keep growing.”  I stopped on our walk and gave my son a huge hug.  I was feeling a little low that day missing my dad and his analysis made so much sense to me in so many ways. 

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