My Dad

I have always had a special relationship with my dad.  When I call him on the phone, I frequently say, “Hi.  It’s your favorite daughter.”  He says, “Hi Cathy.”  Of course he has caller id on his phone so he knows it is me when he answers, but my whole life I have felt like his favorite child just as I imagine my five siblings have felt.  He has a special way of making me feel that I am the most important person. 

When I was a little girl/teenager he would hear me cry and come into my room to talk to me.  He understood my personality well and would often just hold me as I cried.  He saw me through many teenage break-ups by just holding me and letting me cry without feeling he needed to give advice or force me to share. As an adult he has supported my choices for unschooling my children and has often told me how proud he is of my children.  When I went gluten/dairy free, he and his wife Carol made their home my safe spot when visiting Wichita.  I knew I could eat at their house and I would always be safe.  I feel taken care of when with my dad.

As I talked to him on the phone yesterday about the cancer that has spread further into his body, I shared with him my sadness.  I want to be strong, but with him I always feel I can openly share what is inside me and I needed to share that with him.  As I talked, I imagined his arms wrapped around me and I felt safe. 

Like his own mother and father, he doesn’t appear to be afraid of death.  He has had many good experiences and had a lifetime of love from family.  When he shares this attitude, I feel calm. 

Sophia, Cathy, Dad, Carol (Dad’s amazing wife and my good friend), Steve, and Alexander
January 2010
My dad’s cancer is now beyond any cure. What bothers me now is the pain he is experiencing.  They are hoping to start radiation soon to manage the pain.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers that the pain can be managed and his days more relaxing. 

7 thoughts on “My Dad

  1. Dear Cathy,

    Just like you, I feel blessed every day to have a dad that is my biggest fan. Your father sounds like an extraordinary person who gives so much to his family (I think you're living proof of that). I didn't know that he was battling cancer – I'm so sorry to hear this. However, I'm glad that you can at least find peace in his peace of mind. I will be praying for his happiness and ability to live completely with as little pain as possible. Sending you and your family a big hug…



  2. So sorry to hear about your dad. I hope the doctors can do something to ease the pain. I lost my dad to illness when i was 13 but that made me and my mum very close. What a wonderful photo of your family 🙂 thank you for sharing it with us.


  3. Cathy, as you know I lost my beautiful mom last year to cancer. We were blessed she never was in any pain. I will be praying for your dad and your family and I am here should you just need to vent! Gods Blessings my friend!


  4. Hi Cathy, So sorry to hear about your dad and the pain he's going through. I hope he docs can help with that very soon … and I'm sorry they can't do anything for the pain you're going through too … but I'm sure having Steve and the kids there for you both is a massive help and support!


  5. I am sorry to hear about your father’s health. As you know, I recently lost my brother to cancer so I know you are feeling. Also know, your father is my prayers. You are in prayers as well. Email me if you just need someone to talk to. Take care.



  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad, and I'm thinking of you both. I'm glad you're both able to focus on your wonderful relationship and enjoying your time with each other and talking together. It's great to have a Dad who's always behind you.


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