Cold and Flu Season

Now that I am back to taking medications for rheumatoid arthritis, I have wondered how my body would stand up to the cold and flu season.  When the Enbrel nurse was here in July she warned me of being around little kids now that my immune system is suppressed.  Since I am around little kids a lot and many adults who come to school sick, I am at risk.  Also, both of my own kids and my husband have been sick one time each this winter.  While I am not yet in the clear yet, I am happy to report that I have done nicely this cold and flu season.  Several times I thought something was about to attack me and then it quickly disappeared.  Last week I woke up with a little sore throat and thought, “This time I am going to get it.”  Steve told me, “Just say ‘no’ to it.”  That made sense so I did and fortunately nothing panned out.  I am in the clear again.  I haven’t had a cold or anything all winter.  I don’t get flu shots.  The only thing I can think of is that my diet is really clean and it is keeping me strong.   Or, it could be that now that I have mentioned not getting sick, I will be sick tomorrow.  Let’s hope not.     

8 thoughts on “Cold and Flu Season

  1. I hope not. I have to be honest, it get sick very rarely…obviously now that I said that we will be sick together. Having a pumped up immune system has to be good for something, huh?

    Here's hoping we both stay well.

    You do know it you have a cold or flu to stop the Enbrel. I had a couple of friends during the beginning that learned the lesson the hard way and actually died from the flu.

    These meds are awesome to RA but really dangerous when it comes to infection…


  2. “Having a pumped up immune system has to be good for something, huh?”

    Glad that you're doing so well, Cathy. I loved Melissa's comment, though, because I haven't been sick with a cold or flu in roughly ten years. I get a stomach bug now and then, but that's about it.

    I've often wondered if my overactive immune system is what keeps me from catching colds. And I find it interesting that even though I've been taking medications that knock my immune system down and make me more susceptible to infection for several years now, I still haven't caught any. (knock wood!)

    All I can think is that my immune system, even compromised, is incredibly strong.

    How about that?


  3. Gosh, this is great news to hear both of you are doing so well too. When I started to take Enbrel it sounded like I was going to die from every infection and virus that came my way. Thanks for sharing and let's hope this trend continues!


  4. good to hear cathy!
    im normally super healthy but since christmas ive had the cold 4 times! not badly, but it just seems to keep coming back. it's going round the office, so annoying. im not on any immunosuppressants so it must just be a nasty bug.
    hope you stay well!


  5. I get a flu shot every year and usually escape without being sick through the winter. It nailed me this year, not the flu, just a 24 hour virus that was going around here. Glad you've avoided it.


  6. I'm glad you're doing so well, Cathy! I've found the same thing – I rarely get sick. Sometimes when I do I find that it lingers for a long time if I do, but I actually think that's because of the methotrexate and not the Enbrel. When I got a lung infection last spring, it happened right after I increased my mtx dose. Meanwhile, I had never gotten a particularly bad infection through 8 years with Enbrel.

    I haven't been sick this winter either. Let's hope we don't all catch something! 🙂


  7. I am glad you are doing so well this cold season. I got my first flu shot last October after the doctor recommended it. I have never been sick so many times in one season! I had the flu twice and various colds in between.

    I might think twice about getting one next year.


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