I buy 14 dozen eggs once a month when I pick up my order from the farmer we have been using for about eight years now.  Pick up is on Monday and we are out of eggs.  I made a quick trip to Whole Foods yesterday to buy a dozen until Monday.  As I looked through the selection of eggs, I noticed the poster above and felt nauseous.  My immediate thoughts were, “How sad that we have to be told that the hens have continuous access to food and water because that means a large number are not.  Also, they ‘may’ engage in natural behaviors like walking, nesting, and spreading their wings?  That truly makes me sad. What about sunlight?”  I am guessing since it isn’t mentioned that they don’t have access to sunlight.  I just couldn’t purchase the eggs.  I have seen lots of information about how chickens are maintained which is one of the many reasons we purchase from farmers we know and trust, but seeing this notice just left me feeling sad for the animals that “may” not ever experience simple things like walking, nesting or even spreading their wings.  It just isn’t right.  I feel like there are a lot of places my money can go, but good quality food is a number one place for me.

9 thoughts on “Eggs

  1. 😦
    “pasture raised” and “vegetarian fed” don't exactly go together. Chickens like to run around and eat bugs. Bugs are animals, which means they're on the vegetarian no-no list. It's pretty sad to see the conditions that commercially raised animals live in.

    Most breeds of ducks are quieter than chickens. You could raise your own eggs 🙂


  2. Warmsocks, if I didn't have a farmer that I trust and want to support, I would definitely consider raising my own eggs. :). Vegetarian eggs have always freaked me out and I find it interesting that health stores sell so many.


  3. You're so right, it's horrific. I've recently stopped eating meat but i know that dairy farming is also problematic.

    A guy at my work has chickens and I get eggs from him sometimes and they taste SO much better than shop eggs. It's incredible.

    I'm not sure about the wording of the poster. 'May' could also mean 'can'. So it could mean that they do get all the natural behaviour. It's not very clear. But I totally agree that it's disgusting not to let them have sunlight, etc.


  4. I 100% feel that we have to support farmers that are providing high quality food for us (meat, dairy, eggs, veggies, fruits, honey, etc) rather than abstaining from these foods that nourish us.


  5. The wording is interesting on the sign in the store…hmmm…as well as on commercial egg cartons. Lately, we have been learning a lot about eggs that I don't like.
    Good for you that you didn't buy them!
    I'm going try getting more eggs each time I see my farmer. He doesn't have many, and I didn't want to buy all he had. I am in the process of looking for another supplier. Also, trying to bake with chia seed to replace eggs. Have you ever tried that?


  6. Debbie, I haven't used chia seeds. I prefer to use eggs if possible. Have you had good luck?
    I did find one of our local health food stores offers eggs, beef and chicken from a local “grain free/pasture raised” farmer. So, I was able to pick up a few dozen and will use them in the future when we run low.

    Thanks WarmSocks for the info on weather affecting laying. Another thing I like about buying from farmers, you find out about the natural process of the animals you eat.


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